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Ruth Bader Ginsberg, first Jewish and second woman to be appointed as an associate Justice of the US Supreme Court, spent her legal career flourishing in the face of adversity. From her appointment in 1993 through her death in 2020 R.B.G. served as an advocate for equality and woman's rights.Her ideas profoundly shaping human self-understanding and shedding a bright light on gender discrimination.


Just like R.B.G. this blend is equal parts bold and bright. It harmoniously balances a floral aroma and complex fruit basket flavor with bright lemony sweetness and notes of milk chocolate, marzipan, peanut butter, cocoa and mild stone-fruit.


Growing Region - Ethiopia, Brazil, Colombia

Acidity -  Low

Roast - Medium

Flavor Profile - Nutty with undertones of juicy lemon,  brown sugar and milk chocolate

Notorious R.B.G.

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