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coffee mug
coffee mug

A little bit about the club......For much of it's history our building  was formerly a funeral home. We thought it was important to honor the space as it existed before our coffee shop. From that our concept came to life and in part the Roastery Club was born. We like to ask, if you could have coffee with one notable deceased individual who would it be? If that person hasn't been picked yet you can choose them (see list below of mugs that have already been taken). Each mug is unique and a person can only be chosen once. Mugs are hand crafted so they take a little longer to make.

Your mug will be ready in about 3 month form ordering,

but your discount starts right away !


the roastery club

• a hand crafted, one of a kind designed porcelain mug created

by local artist Jody Selin of Terra Clay Studio 

• 10% discount on all food, drink & retail purchases

• 1 FREE lb bag of coffee a year

• Quarterly emails with monthly members only discounts

****Each mug is one of a kind. mug designs and content are

at the discretionof the artist based on availability etc.****

$ 100 annually  • 
$60 to renew if you keep your same mug


Can I take my mug home ?
Yes you are free to take your mug or keep it on the provided shelves in store. 

What happens to my mug if I choose not to rejoin after the first year?
Your mug is yours to take home. If you do not rejoin after your first

year we hope you will take your mug and enjoy it at home.

Are mugs dishwasher safe ? 
The mugs are very sturdy, but are handmade. We do not wash them

in a dishwasher in store and encourage you to hand wash at home.

Who can I choose from?
The short answer any notable dead person.

All mug choices are at the discretion of ownership and the artist. 

As long as that person has not been chosen and stays within the

spirit of the club you can have them on your mug.


​mugs that have already been selected

Abraham Lincoln
Alexander Hamilton 
Amy Winehouse
Anna Nicole Smith 
Anthony Bourdain
Audrey Hepburn
Betty White
Bob Saget
Charles Burchfield
Charlotte Rae (Edna Garrett - Facts of Life)
Chester Bennington
Christine McVie
Coco Chanel
Davy Crockett
Diana, Princess of Wales
Edgar Allen Poe
Eric Lynn Wright (Eazy-E)
Florence Nightingale
Frances Hodgson Burnett
Fred Rogers
Freddie Mercury
Frederick Douglass
Frederick Law Olmsted Sr.
Frida Kahlo
George Herman "Babe" Ruth
Gregor Mendel
Harper Lee 
Harriet Tubman
Harry Chapin
Henry Roeland

"Roy" Byrd (Professor Longhair)
Hunter S. Thompson 
Ian Curtis
Ingrid Bergman
Jane Austen


Janis Joplin
Jerry Stiller
​Jimmy Buffet
Jim Croce
Jim Henson and Friends
Jimmy Collins
Joan Rivers 
Joe Cocker
Joe Strummer
John Candy
John Henry "Doc" Holliday
JRR Tolkien
Kurt Kobain
Kurt Vonnegut 
Lance Reddick
Mahatma Gandhi
Martin Luther King Jr.
Mary Baker Eddy
Michael Clarke Duncan
Neil Peart
Pelle Ohlin
Robert Craig Knievel (Evel Knievel)
Rick Jeanerette
Roberto Clemente
Ruth Bader Ginsburg 
Salvador Allende
Sam Cook
Sean Lock
Susan B. Anthony 
Teddy Roosevelt
Tina Turner
Thomas Borje Forsberg
Tom Petty
Tupac Shakur
Van Zandt
W. C. Fields

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